Promoting Primary Health through Community Action Activities

The surroundings of the City of Siguatepeque are known for their greenery and pure air, seeing the pine trees swaying in the breeze when the sun sets could awaken joy and well-being, but the small city of the central highlands is not always so healthy and comforting, It shelters more than 100,000 inhabitants, including many who during this COVID-19 pandemic have gone from being needy to almost poverty-stricken.

The words above are not said to disqualify our brothers, “because the eyes of the soul hurt and we reach out to them”.

What would be the name for such a tragedy? If under a beautiful pine tree there is a mother with four children without a roof? With no basic services, no water and no food?

To promote social justice and healthier communities, Proyecto Aldea Global is on the lookout for committed and generous Hondurans who want to contribute to building a small house where these women can live. For the remaining of year 2020, we are seeking to build at least 3 houses to benefit at least 6 families. The building costs per house is at least $1,700 USD (L. 40,000). Our program staff have already begun the construction of these houses. Will you join us in this crusade of love for childhood and solidarity for the most deprived, with those who are hungry and thirsty for justice, for those who yearn for a truce from the pain that results from not having their basic needs met!

September 2nd, 2020 | Programs , Community Health Redacción General
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