» Blue Meambar Mountain National Park (PANACAM)

Located between Cortés and Comayagua County, the Blue Meambar National Park is an invaluable Honduran national environmental treasure that PAG has managed for over 26 years. The park covers 312 Kms2 extending from 415 to 2,080 meters above sea level. The park area is the habitat for a great biodiversity of flora and fauna species due to its unique ranges of elevation.

PAG’s main development objective is to manage the sustainable growth and protection of the park by implementing a master management plan that includes the active participation of the municipalities and communities in the region. PANACAM Park operates two tourist businesses (PANACAM Lodge and La Naturaleza Restaurant) that generate an income to cover park expenses, including conservation and protection activities, so that it will be sustainable in the future.

In 2016, the Honduran National Chamber of Tourism and the Honduran Institute of Tourism awarded the 2016 National Tourism Award, which is the highest national award for promoting tourism in Honduras, to Proyecto Aldea Global (PAG) and its hotel PANACAM Lodge. This was the highest award nationwide.

In 2009, PAG was awarded the 2009 National Environmental Award for its excellent work in protecting the natural resources of PANACAM Park.

You can download the Popular Version of the PANACAM Management Plan.
Bird Watching «

PANACAM is one of the main destinations to appreciate the diversity of birds such as the Quetzal, the Iris Toucan, the Avetigre, among others. In 2016, 5 world bird watching leaders visited PANACAM with a team of 10 people each. This activity, more than a hobby, has served to promote habitat conservation projects of more than 760 species of birds that reside in PANACAM’s forests..

» Kayaking

Kayaking is another fun way to explore the beauty of the natural ecosystems that PANACAM has. You can visit the Yure reservoir, a calm water dam where you can observe the beautiful aquatic fauna of the wooded area.

Hiking «

PANACAM has three trails: Los Vencejos, El Venado and El Sinaí. These three trails eventually connect to an incredible view of Lake Yojoa.

» PANACAM Lodge Tourist Center

Nestled in the heart of the 316 square kilometers of the park and at a height of 2,400 ft. above sea level, PANACAM Lodge offers visitors an exciting experience with its spacious, comfortable, and quiet cabins, and hiking trails leading to beautiful pristine waterfalls.

For more information, please visit PANACAM Lodge’s website or send an email to: info@panacamlodge.com

La Naturaleza – Hotel, Restaurant, and Convention Center «

Located in Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Cortés, the La Naturaleza Tourist Center offers you the best tourist experience with the best views of Lake Yojoa. It consists of a hotel (to accomodate 4-6 adults per room), a restaurant, spacious conference rooms, a playground, a tree house, a butterfly garden and a refreshing outdoor pool.

Main Office
Colonia Florencia Sur, Ave. Los Pinos, Segunda calle, Casa 4044. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
(504) 2239-8311; 2239-8400